Flyer needed to show everyone who they are. 

They are the biggest e-bike manufacturer, they assemble in Switzerland, they demand quality and durability down to the tiniest part, they have a proud tradition and a broad target group.

Our shooting for Flyer included 5 locations,
12 different bikes with 12 different 
user profiles in 3 different themes,
shooting from production-reportage, 
to product-shots, user-profile portraits to onlocation bike action. 
Every theme had its own distinguishing feature, set in location, color combinations and protagonist lifestyle.

We developed the distinguishing style of the simple but beautiful catalogue in close 
cooperation with Anakin design studio. 
It was printed 250.000 times, 
together with various magazine ads, 
booths and posters.


21mm super-elmar, 28mm elmarit 50mm summilux, 75mm apo summicron

leica m-p 240, leica m9