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Photography as a story.
...a story about companies, heritage, people, products, 
influence and their way of doing what they do best.

An emotion comes to life with the feeling you transmit.
Whether its pride, fun, precision, speed or trust.
The real picture is more to us than a stylized artificial one.

Our photography becomes vivid with wrinkles and roughness, 
with reflections and shadows.
To the point where a few images tell a 
story without words.

Francesco Maglia . Fabbrica Ombrelli Milano

Francesco Maglia . Fabbrica Ombrelli Milano


Based on experience and origin, all photographers are working differently. Some try to form light, others will place shadows.

While Korbi comes from outdoor- 
and catalogue photography, Manuel has his roots 
in commercial- and editorial photography.
With these different sets of skills and  perspectives, we influence and inspire each 
other while working on the same project. 
Thus being faster, more fluent, more aware 
and twice as creative.